About the MOMlitics podcast:

MOMlitics aims to keep parents informed about hot-button issues impacting American families - particularly topics that the mainstream media loves to avoid. 

Now more than ever, the onus is on parents to watch out for the wellbeing and safety of their families. In this vein, episode topics have included taking more ownership of childrens’ education, avoiding toxic products marketed to kids in alluring packaging, screen-time dangers, and what ought to be done to prevent school shootings.

Rebecca combines her journalistic background, natural tact and passion for bridging America’s divide to cover these delicate, often controversial issues in a straightforward and palatable way.

So if you want to stay informed at the intersection of parenting and politics, without the brashness and negativity that’s all too common in media today, you're in the right place!

About Rebecca Sheehan

Rebecca Sheehan is an accomplished on-air personality, political blogger and television journalist. She is a recognized public figure known for her Emmy-nominated, groundbreaking reporting for FOX, NBC and ABC affiliates.

Fed up with our nation’s increasing political polarization, Rebecca embarked on a journey to be a voice for all the unheard Americans who are still proud of our country and are dedicated to making it a better place, both today and for generations to come.

Rebecca began sharing her views via her Primrose Patriot blog, and has also written articles for publications such as All Sides Now and The Lion. In 2023, after constantly being told, “You should start a podcast!” she finally took the plunge. And thus, the Primrose Patriot, along with Rebecca’s passion for protecting kids from all sorts of societal ills, came together to form the MOMlitics podcast!

Since Rebecca began sharing her views on politics, culture and everything in between, she’s become a local leader among concerned parents, inspiring many to speak out, advocate for their families and get involved in politics for the first time.

Rebecca graduated cum laude from Duke University. She and her husband, John, are involved in numerous philanthropic causes and live in St. Louis with their 6 year-old daughter and 5 year-old twin boys.

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Keeping parents informed on issues impacting American families.


Emmy-nominated TV journalist. Wife + toddler/cat/plant mom. Community volunteer. Political blogger and podcaster committed to bridging our deep divide.💃🏼🇺🇸