MOMlitics with Rebecca Sheehan
MOMlitics with Rebecca Sheehan
#107: Are smartphones the new cigarettes?

#107: Are smartphones the new cigarettes?

As Americans' trust in the government continues to erode, skepticism over the safety of our phones, laptops and tablets is growing. Is the radiation emitted by these devices damaging our health?

30 years from now, will smartphones, laptops and tablets become the next cigarettes, tanning beds and lead-based paint?

EMF radiation expert and DefenderShield CEO Dan DeBaun joins MOMlitics to explain the potential health risks associated with the devices we use every day - including why kids could be especially at risk.

So what do you think: is this a fringe conspiracy theory or a legitimate, pressing concern?

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MOMlitics with Rebecca Sheehan
MOMlitics with Rebecca Sheehan
MOMlitics aims to keep parents informed on hot-button issues impacting American families - particularly topics that the mainstream media loves to avoid. Rebecca combines her journalistic background, empathy and tact - plus her passion for bridging America’s divide - to cover provocative topics in a straightforward and palatable way. So if you want to stay informed at the intersection of parenting and politics, without the negativity and incendiary commentary, you're in the right place!
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